Furniture Cleaning North Phoenix

Today, we look at a Furniture Cleaning North Phoenix job we took care of a few months ago. The situation was that our client’s young child found a pen and decided to show his artistic nature, all over the sofa. Our client was sure that she was going to need to buy a cover or replace.


Furniture Cleaning North PhoenixFurniture cleaning North PhoenixWhen we had heard about the condition of the sofa, things sounded grim. White cotton with black pen ink. That is a bad combination. Cotton, when used on furniture, can be a very sensitive fabric. It can also be very absorbent. This would limit our ability to treat the ink as aggressively as we would on a synthetic product. Luckily, our client was mistaken, the sofa was a synthetic polyester blend.

Synthetic products do not absorb as readily as natural fabrics. Cotton and Wool are the most common natural fibers, and ink on either of these can be devastating. Ink on a synthetic product, such as the ever popular microfiber, can be much more forgiving. In some rare cases, an ink line such as these can be removed with the right cleaning product, a clean towel, and a lot of patience. However, as you can see by a previous post, I do not recommend the risk of trying it on your own.

DuringFurniture Cleaning North Phoenix

As you can see, we were having a decent amount of luck getting the ink to release from the fiber and flush away fully. It took a significant amount of product and time, but we were successfully removing the spot anywhere from 75%-100%.

Final Resultfurniture cleaning north phoenixFurniture cleaning north phoenix

After it was all said and done, we were able to remove 90% of the stain. As can be seen on the image of the back of the sofa, the left side was still faintly visible. This was actually anticipated as, in person, that side had been ‘pressed’ harder as the little one drew, so more of the ink penetrated the fabric. Once everything dried, the spot was only the least bit visible and our client was ecstatic. Not every ink stain will be as forgiving as this particular instance was, but on this day, we managed to save the sofa, and our client a lot of money.