Cleaning furniture is a task many cleaners are to afraid to attempt. Many times, this is a justified fear. Modern blends of fabrics can lead to all sorts of headaches if you are not properly trained or experienced. There are cases like the furniture cleaning Peoria job we will look at today. Cases where to properly clean a fabric, you simply have to give the piece a heavy vacuuming.

Furniture Cleaning Peoria – Vacuum!?

Yes, I said vacuum. If a piece is well maintained, then you will probably not understand why a professional service company would need to offer this basic service. Well, not everyone is willing to vacuum their sofa or fabric recliner regularly like you may. Some fail to realize that the dust that gathers daily on your ceiling fans or picture frames also gathers on their fabrics. Others, like today’s case, had an outside force act upon their piece.

Furniture Cleaning Peoria – Outside Force?!

Stop yelling, yes, outside force. An outside force could be anything that happened beyond the clients control to add tremendous amounts of dust to a piece of furniture. Natural disasters, children, pets, or poor storage conditions can all be included here. For today, we look at a case where a client had new tile installed. The folks that did the work failed to move the piece to a safe distance or properly cover and protect it during the tear out of the old tile floor.

If you have ever been part of a tile tear out and re-installation, you know just how much of a dust problem this can be. To fail to protect any and all fabrics or safely move them to an unaffected area was simply ignorant or lazy of the contractor. Either way, when we were finished, our client was left with a well vacuumed piece that is in better shape than it started before the install, with no water being needed!