Cleaning commercial carpet is a whole different ball game than cleaning residential carpet. In most settings, residential carpet suffers from different soiling sources and levels that commercial carpeting. Add in the fact that most commercial carpets are glued directly to concrete with no padding to absorb traffic and you can expect some heavier wear areas if maintenance is avoided. Let’s talk a bit about some of the major differences between the two while we look at a picture from a recent Glendale office carpet cleaning our guys took care of.

Glendale Office Carpet Cleaning – Dry Soil Concerns

For the sake of this article, let’s describe dry soil as any dirt or debris that can be removed with a vacuum. In most homes a weekly vacuuming is performed in the main walkways to remove all the extra dirt and soil. Note that in a home you should expect two to six ‘beating hearts’ to be walking on the carpet. In a commercial setting this is different.