With all the innovation we have seen in types and variations of tile flooring, it is no wonder that we are seeing more and more of it in Arizona homes. You can find tile that looks like natural stone without all the inherent weakness that stone has. You can even buy tile that looks convincingly like hardwood flooring. With all this tile, its great news that we offer a green tile cleaning service to restore your floor back to how it should look after years of abuse. Take a look at some pictures from a Glendale tile cleaning our crew took care of last week!

Glendale Tile Cleaning – Before

Now, it is important to note that this is pretty standard tile, not anything specially designed to look like natural stone or wood. It is also important to know that regardless of how the tile looks, the cleaning process is the same. We start by learning the history of the floor. In this case, the house was a flip. So we know that different types of tile and generally poor maintenance can be expected. This floor had a lot of residue from soapy mop and bucket cleaning solutions that can effectively ‘clean’ the tile by spreading dirty water all over the floor.

Our client purchased this home from the flipper. While we cannot change all the floors to make them one uniform type or style, we can help them settle in by cleaning it properly. In this case, we are going to do so using a green seal certified product that is soap free and residue free to loosen all the old grime sticking to the floor. After that, we will agitate it in to loosen the soil even more. Follow that up with a rinse and a hand dry to achieve the result below.

Glendale Tile Cleaning – After

The floor has been rinsed and dried. As stated earlier, we cannot help the slight variations in grout color due to the install being fast and cheap for the flip. We were able to make the majority of the grout look more even and the floor is safe for the clients little ones to start crawling on. The tile has also brightened and is showing more pink than it did previously. This is due to the previous image having so much soap scum residue covering the floor before we had cleaned it.