Green Carpet Cleaning Phoenix

The post for today is all about the pictures. So, without further ado, lets get into the pictures of some Green Carpet Cleaning Phoenix.

Green Carpet Cleaning Phoenix – Before

Basically, this is what the carpet looked like after we gave it a good vacuuming. You can see where the previous homeowner had the couch. You can also assume where the Television would have sat based on the heaviness of soiling in that one spot. Generally, the dirtiest spot on the sofa and in front of the sofa faces directly to the Television set.

Green Carpet Cleaning Phoenix – Pretreat

Here, we have three pictures showing the process involved with our Pretreatment. It includes our guys using a green seal approved prespray, followed by an agitation with the counter rotating brush machine. The three images show progressively as we work the presrpay in. In case you wonder what the little black spots are, they are little bundles of hair and fur we dug out of the carpet. The carpet looks massively improved and we have yet to rinse any carpet.

Green Carpet Cleaning Phoenix – Final Result

Now that we have completed the cleaning process, you can hardly see any signs that this carpet has been used as heavily as it did in the first image. Now our client can move in and know that her carpet is not only clean, but it is also safe for her little ones to crawl on.

Are you afraid of the cleaning chemicals your carpet cleaner is using? Tired of choking on the horrific fragrance your chosen floor cleaning professional is spraying on your carpet? Do you think you are being forced to deal with whatever cleaning agent he feels will work best? If you said a resounding ‘YES!’, to any of these questions, maybe its time to change cleaners. Maybe its time for a Green Carpet Cleaning Phoenix service from First Class Green Cleaning. Call and schedule today at 602-996-6993.