Green carpet cleaning is quite misunderstood. Many will often look at the above image and say, “Green cleaners will not cut it, use what works!”. Well, today, we are here to show you that our products are not just safe to be around before, during and after the cleaning job, but they can pack a mighty powerful punch as well.

Green Carpet Cleaning – Before

Before we dig too far into this, let us take a closer look at that top image. What we have is a case of neglected carpet. While our client does a wonderful job of regularly vacuuming and general house keeping, this carpet was well overdue for a professional cleaning. The large black spot comes from where the husband’s feet are as he sits in his chair. Notice the spectacularly clean spot at the bottom right? That’s where the chair goes. Notice also the traffic pattern at the top right where the sofa traffic sits. Pretty tough job for a green cleaner, right?

Green Carpet Cleaning – During

To the left, you see our technician as he cleans in front of the sofa. To the right, you see him cleaning behind and under the husbands chair. Let’s see the final result.

Green Carpet Cleaning – After

Here we see the what our green cleaning process was able to accomplish. Not too bad for a carpet that had gone a few too many years without some much needed attention. While we can still see faint traffic areas, once the furniture has been put back you will hardly be able to notice them. Our client was pleased and what’s more, no harsh chemicals or odors were needed to provide these results.