3 Great Tips for Keeping Your Carpets Clean in Between Visits

Good carpeting indeed enhances the charm of the household and brings in lots of praise from guests regarding the aesthetic choice of the homeowner. If you are particularly meticulous about the overall appeal of your room, you would definitely like to keep your carpets fresh, clean and beautiful in between visits. Remember that these home accessories, for which you have spent a handsome amount, calls for continuous protection from human skin flakes, dust, dirt, insects and food crumbs and pet urine. Keeping your carpets clean can not only keep your home healthy, but save the investment you have made.

Here are some great tips to preserve your carpet in between professional carpet cleanings.

Guarding your carpet

Carpet is subject to a lot of traffic during its lifespan, so it is essential to keep a check on the accumulation of dirt. You may use outdoor and indoor runners and mats to reduce the amount of outdoor debris and dirt that comes in with every footfall. Also, keeping the air filters clean in your home on a regular basis helps reduce the dirt that the air filters may usher in.

Vacuuming – Why it’s important

Keeping Your Carpets Clean

As we discussed in more detail in our April blog Vacuuming – Why it’s important https://firstclassgreencleaning.com/vacuuming-important/, Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) recommends vacuuming areas often that receive the most traffic, a minimum of once week. It is also extremely important to empty the vacuum bag in a timely fashion. Most homeowners tend to leave the bag on to long limiting the efficiency of the vacuum. With the new bagless vacuum models it is important to clean the filters on a consistent basis.