Porcelain and ceramic tile are a popular floor choice seen in many Arizona kitchens. And why not? The tile cannot be stained like natural stone. Tile is not water sensitive like wood is. And with the amazing things they can do with porcelain now, you can have the appearance of either wood or stone with none of the weaknesses. The only down side is how most of us choose to clean it. Kitchen tile cleaning should be relatively simple. Many go out of their way to use harsh cleaning chemicals that leave sticky residue. This residue can lead to some seriously soiled grout joints. Today we will take a look at one such case.

Kitchen Tile Cleaning – Before

The great thing about cleaning tile is how easy it can be. The actual tile face literally cannot be stained because it has a baked on coating. Cleaning with water and a little agitation is usually enough to make it look like new again. The problem come into play when you consider where the dirt from the tile goes as you mop.

The grout joint is the collateral damage when you are unable to properly recover the soil from the tile face. Whether you are using a mop bucket or a swiffer, the dirt and grime not collected by the mop or pad ends up in the grout. A little bit here and there is no big deal, but when you multiply it over a couple days a week, a hundred times a year, you end up with a real mess.

This image comes from one such case. The client compounded the problem by adding in a soapy cleaning agent. Lets take a peek at what our guys were able to accomplish.

Kitchen Tile Cleaning – After

As you can see, we made it look pretty good.