Mattress Cleaning Review Phoenix

Mattress Cleaning Review Phoenix – See what this client had to say about our cleaning skills when it comes to keeping that which you sleep on clean and fresh.

Mattress Cleaning Review Phoenix

Enrika had this to say about her mattress cleaning- #mattresscleaning #longreview, #petodortreatment

“I never thought they’d be able to get the smell of urine out of this California king pillow top mattress. In fact, they warned me in advance, before I even made the appointment, that although they’d do their best, since the problem began a year ago and had been happening on and off ever since, meaning that the urine had penetrated fully into the batting and well into the mattress, they probably *wouldn’t* be able to eliminate 100% of the odor. I told them that I understood, and that I wasn’t expecting miracles. But, wow, they sure did seem to perform one. I don’t know if it’s 100% gone (maybe a dog’s super-sensitive nose would be able to detect something), but it sure smells that way to me, and I have a remarkably sensitive sense of smell. (I’m the official household “smeller,” meaning that I’m the one who ferrets out odors, and that everyone else comes to me when they want to know how [A] smells, or if [B] smells vaguely of [C], or something like that.) I’m SO relieved and grateful. (It’s an *incredibly* nice and expensive mattress, and I was afraid that it was all but destroyed.)

In addition, they were able to come out the very next day after I called (although they said that’s because someone cancelled, so don’t count on that), and they also informed me that the minimum charge for the visit was a bit more than the charge for cleaning the California king, so they asked if we had a twin/single mattress that we’d like cleaned, since the minimum charge would cover that as well. I told them that we didn’t have a twin, but that we had a full/double pillow top that could really use a good clean, and after a brief pause, the fellow who took my call and made the appointment said, “Yeah, we can do that.” And they did, for no extra charge. :)

We’ll be using this company *exclusively* for any and all of our future mattress cleaning needs.”