Mesa Carpet Cleaning

Vacuuming is a vital part of your weekly cleaning procedure. You should actually be doing this twice a week. Removing the Arizona dirt and grit from the carpet will greatly extend the life of your carpet. Also it will keep your carpet looking fresh and clean. Believe it or not, a good vacuum should lift the pile so that the carpet has a ‘just cleaned’ appearance. Just take this Mesa carpet cleaning service we performed today for example. We will see how carpet our client described as ‘very soiled’ just needed a thorough vacuuming.

Mesa Carpet Cleaning – Before

Mesa Carpet CleaningHere we see the carpet as it is midway through the vacuuming procedure. closer to the bed you can see what our client saw. Flat carpet that is crushed and matted. It looks to be heavily soiled at this point. Our cleaning procedure requires a thorough vacuuming prior to the wet portion of the cleaning process. As he was performing this, he noticed just how much better the carpet was appearing.

Our vacuum cleaner of choice is an Sanitaire by Electrolux. we use the commercial version but they offer a much lighter version for residential purposes. This vacuum has an adjustable beater bar. We prefer this feature as it allows us to control just how deep the bar is allowed to dig into the carpet fiber. A good beater bar should only hit the carpet enough to shake loose the dirt and soil hiding in between the fibers. It should not be dug in so deep that you can see indentation. This will only cause permanent damage to your fibers in the long run.

Mesa Carpet Cleaning – After

Mesa Carpet CleaningTo the left you can see what results our technician received with just a through Mesa Carpet Cleaningvacuuming. Looks pretty good, doesn’t it? On the right we see how the carpet looked after a thorough cleaning process. Not much of a difference between the two pictures, right? At least our client was aware of the fact that a cleaning would not likely improve the overall appearance much more than a vacuuming would prior to the cleaning. We made sure of that.

This client has allergies, so the cleaning was for health purposes with no visual results required. She will be able to sleep easy now the she truly knows the carpet is clean. But if you want your carpets cleaned because they look a little flat, maybe a good vacuuming is all you need.

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