Traffic areas are in every home. The pathways we walk on a daily basis can take a beating. Whether it is an entry from the front door or the path in the bedroom leading into the bathroom. These traffic areas can be very problematic in most flooring situations but when they happen on carpet, it can be disastrous. The only way to keep the your carpet from needing to be replaced too soon is through regular maintenance. Today, lets take a look at a case where our client waited too long and how well our crew was able to clean their carpet.

Mesa Carpet Cleaning – Before Cleaning

This image shows the walkway into a clients master bedroom into their bathroom. The traffic area here represents quite a few problems we frequently see in Arizona homes. White carpet in a tight area. These two combine to make some of the darkest traffic areas around. Add in the fact that this carpet is made from a product that tends to readily absorb oils from our skin and tennis shoes. Black top in Arizona tends to leave a ton of oil on our shoes. This oil makes its way onto the carpet fiber.

Mesa Carpet Cleaning – During Cleaning

Here we see what our prespray was able to loosen up. Not very impressed? Neither were we. Most of our clients would agree that our prespray followed by our special agitation tool will produce dramatic results before we have ever even rinsed the carpet. Unfortunately this was not the case with this particular clients carpet. Much of the reason is due to not frequent enough maintenance cleanings in the area. That is not to say they poorly maintain their home, that is just to say that for how much traffic and damage this one spot takes, it requires more frequent cleaning than what had been provided. Let’s see how it all rinsed out for us.

Mesa Carpet Cleaning – Final Result

Here you can see just how much we were able to change the appearance in the area we had completed. While it is a stark difference, it is also important to note that the slight gray of a track pattern is still visible. While we can make some carpets look like new, this one was just too far gone to completely restore.