First Class Green Cleaning starts the day from our facility centrally located at the I-17 and Dunlap every morning. Often, many of our new clients will ask us the question, “Do you travel to…?”. Generally the answer is yes. Every now and then those dots are a city such as Prescott, Flagstaff, or Mormon Lake, in those cases, the answer is no, for now. Today, we will look at what we can do when it comes to Mesa Carpet Cleaning, and why we are more than willing to do a little driving to make happy customers.

Mesa Carpet Cleaning: How far will we travel?

When it comes to driving to a job site, we get pretty creative. Often, our secretary is very good about scheduling a Mesa carpet cleaning and follow it up with a Chandler tile cleaning with a Tempe furniture cleaning to help make the long drive back to the shop worth it.

When the days come where we can only manage one job down and out and Mesa, our guys have no problem with the little bit of time used driving from one city to the next. We always offer our clients two man cleaning crews so our guys always have someone to chat with in case they have to drive from Mesa to Peoria (it happens, unfortunately).

Mesa Carpet Cleaning: Why do we drive so far?

It is honestly all about building our name and making the community aware that there is a healthier and safer alternative to all the harsh chemistry other cleaners choose to use. In our eyes, if we can drive an hour from our shop to your home and make a new cheerleader of our services, soon, we will be coming to your community more regularly to clean for you again as well as your neighbors.