Mesa Furniture Cleaning

Most folks know about of our ability to work miracles on flooring. What a lot of our clients do not realize is that we can do so much more. We like to tell you that we can clean anything you can sit, walk or sleep on. Today, let’s take a look at things you sit on with a Mesa furniture cleaning client we cleaned for a few weeks back.

Mesa Furniture Cleaning – Before

Mesa Furniture CleaningThis client had First Class Green cleaning out to clean all of the carpets in her home. While we were out there, our technician asked if there was any other way he could help her in her cleaning needs. She pointed out this chair. A ten year old chair made of a fairly durable fabric made by sunbrella. She thought it was beginning to look a little faded. Our technician offered to clean it at a discounted rate because we were already in the home performing another service and because he wanted to see what he could do for her.

The first step in safely cleaning furniture it to test the dye stability. We do this by applying product to a white cloth and holding that against each color of the fabric. Sunbrella generally makes very strong and stable dyes due to how the fabric is dyed in their manufacturing process. Once we know the dye is stable, we can move on to the cleaning process.

Mesa Furniture Cleaning – After

Mesa Furniture CleaningWe cleaned this fabric with the orange based cleaning agent. This works best at breaking down the greases and oils that have gathered at the top of the chair. This area of soiling is often attributed to the oils in hair and hair products as the head is pressed against the back of the chair.

As you can see, the orange product worked fabulously at renewing this chair. It has regained its original bright color by simply cleaning it. What the client was a faded chair was actually a chair covered with a thin layer of oil. This oil hid the fabric’s true color and left it looking worn down. Now that the fabric is cleaned, she will be able to get another ten years out of this very durable fabric.

Remember, at First Class Green Cleaning we can take care of anything you can sit, walk or sleep on. If you have any questions about any of your cleaning needs, feel free to ask our technicians while they are in your home and we will always give you helpful advice concerning the fabrics in your home.

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