Today, let us take a look into a recent tile cleaning job we took care of in Mesa. As you will soon see, the floor was quite heavily soiled and in dire need of our help. Before we get too far into just how rough the top picture looks, we will do our best to give you a little insight on just what we were up against.

Mesa Tile Cleaning – Floor History

The images featured today are from a restaurant located on a golf course in Mesa. Once a year the owner has First Class Green Cleaning come out to give the floor a much needed restorative cleaning. If you have read our posts in the past, you are probably aware of our preference towards maintenance cleaning services. In this case, the owner chooses to have his cooking staff handle the cleaning maintenance needs. Judging by the top image, it leaves a bit to be desired.

Mesa Tile Cleaning – Our Process

When presented with a floor that holds this much soil, we are going to need a substantial process to bring it back to life. Lets take a look at what some of those steps are.

Mesa Tile Cleaning – Large Soil Removal Removal

In these images, you can see we have take the time to pick up all the dropped food and large grease chunks by hand. This will allow our pretreat to go to work immediately on the grease and oil clinging to the grout and tile. If these pieces are left, our pretreat will have to work on easily removed pieces and possibly clog up our equipment.

Mesa Tile Cleaning – PreSpray and Agitation

Here we see how the floor looks after we have applied our pretreat. This product helps loosen the grease and oil that is stuck to the floor. It contains degreasing products as well as an enzyme that will break down the food based oils more effectively than other products. After this is applied, we like to agitate with a Brush Pro to further loosen the soil. In the video below, you can see our Brush Pro in action.


All that is left now is to rinse the floor!

Mesa Tile Cleaning – Final Results

Most of the heavy lifting has been done to this point. Now is when the rinsing process happens. After that is complete,  our crew will towel dry the floor and detail edges, crevices, and corners to give results such as these.