Moon Valley is known for its volcanic landscape and overall otherworldly appearance. In some areas it can appear to be as an alien land. Regardless of the appearance, it is still a desert. Deserts have dirt. Dirt makes for dirty carpet. Moon Valley Carpet Cleaning is done much the same way as any other Arizona carpet cleaning should be. Remove the dry dirt dry, treat the rest, rinse and dry the carpet.

Moon Valley Carpet Cleaning – Dry Dirt Dry?

The most commonly skipped step in a carpet cleaning procedure is the dry removal of the particulates hiding in the carpet. This can include dust, dirt and other things known as non soluble. This basically means all the stuff that will not dissolve in water. Removing the non soluble while the carpet is dry is much easier than trying to wash away wet mud from the carpet fiber.

Moon Valley Carpet Cleaning – Treat the Rest?

After the non soluble material has been removed, it is time to pretreat the carpet. Our preconditioner is designed to lubricate the carpet fiber and start dissolving oils and greases that are bonded to the fiber. The cleaning agents simply speed the process of the oil dissolving into water by using things called surfactants. In simple terms, surfactants, or surface active agents, make water wetter. This allows our product to penetrate deeper into the fiber with less water. That means dry carpets sooner.

Moon Valley Carpet Cleaning – Rinse & Dry

All the steps before this were important, but this step is often the one that can come back to bite you. Properly flushing out the slurry of preconditioner and grease/dirt from the carpet is vital. Many cleaners will rush through this step. This leaves a lot of residue which leads to re-soiled carpet in a short amount of time. After the rinsing has been completed, we will do our best to speed dry the carpet. Depending on the home, this can involve the use of air movement (fans) or strategically opening windows or doors. Often, we can crack windows just enough to force the wet air out while keeping the Arizona heat from getting into the house.