Natural Stone Cleaning and Maintenance Scottsdale

Natural Stone Cleaning and Maintenance Scottsdale can add beauty and elegance to your home or office. With a natural variation in color and a deep, rich look, it is often the choice of Scottsdale homeowners as well as throughout the Valley. Part of what gives the stone its stunning brilliance can be an eventual maintenance headache if it is improperly cared for. Let us help you keep your floor gorgeous for years to come by following these 3 basic natural stone cleaning and maintenance steps.

1. Dry soil prevention

Dry soils are generally considered things that are not water soluble, in other words, they do not dissolve in water. These usually include things like dust, dirt, rocks, pebbles, hair, lint, etc. Objects such as these are extremely damaging to the luster, polish, and overall appearance of your stone if not removed regularly enough to prevent permanent scratches and gashes. A simple dry mop with a flat mop every day can work wonders in keeping your floors scratch free and looking great without the hassle of adding abrasive chemicals or sticky cleaning agents to use a wet mop.

2. Spot Cleaning

While dry mopping is the preferred method, some spills just need to be cleaned up with a little bit of moisture. Generally speaking, these are areas with the greasy oils that do dissolve in water (but wash out quicker with a little help from a cleaning agent). These areas can include kitchens, entries from the garage, front door entries, and laundry rooms. It is important to be aware of your floors specific sensitivity prior to adding any cleaning agents. Ask your floor supplier or your trusted cleaning professional at First Class Green Cleaning for the best product to use on your floor.

3. Maintenance Cleaning and Sealing

When the floor has gained enough of the oily soil that your spot cleaning is no longer keeping up, it’s time for a full cleaning and resealing of the floor. While this can be accomplished by renting some equipment and chemistry from the local DIY store, natural stone cleaning and sealing, if done properly, is an overwhelming task to someone who has never done it before, not to mention a ton of work. We humbly suggest that you sit back and relax as we take care of that for you, we’ll even move the furniture! We do recommend a sealer be applied to the stone after the cleaning to help protect the stone from spills or spots.  A good sealer should soak into the stone and protect from the inside out, leaving no coating or wax on the outside.
Hopefully this little article can help you keep your floors looking as good as they do today until you are tired of them, because it’s stone, it will last forever if you take care of it. Never forget the importance of a good natural stone cleaning and maintenance program, Scottsdale! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us!

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