Natural Stone flooring has been making taking up a huge chunk of the flooring in Valley homes over the last ten years. Knowing that Scottsdale home owners want something unique and luxurious, design has heavily shifted from carpet or tile owning the majority of the floor plan. Being in this industry as long as I have been, it has been interesting to see just what some folks will do to stone flooring. Our natural stone cleaning Scottsdale service has seen some serious horror stories. Today, we look at a home that had the natural stone waxed and we see why this is a very poor choice.

Natural Stone Cleaning Scottsdale: Why Wax?

Many folks are looking for the ‘pop’ from a sparkly stone floor without spending the money needed to do a proper job of honing and polishing the floor. While you may temporarily gain an uneven looking reflective appearance, it will not last. Usually it will soak into the grout lines causing the appearance of dirty floors. Very quickly it will start to peel off as seen in the image on the left. When this happens, you will lose the reflective look in spots. Once this happens, you will need a tremendous amount of work to fully strip the wax from the floor before you can regain the floors natural beauty. This process often involves loads of strong chemicals and a ton of elbow grease.

Natural Stone Cleaning Scottsdale: How to Remove Wax

If you are lucky, you can get the majority of it of with an aggressive cleaning product. Often you will be stuck with permanent staining on some of the grout joints and more absorbent stone tiles. In the images you can see what is often considered a best case scenario. We only needed to use slightly more aggressive cleaning procedures in order to fully remove the issue from this floor.