North Phoenix Carpet Cleaning

Today we will look at some before and after pictures from a home in our North Phoenix carpet cleaning before and afters. It is the goal of this post to help folks realize the danger of waiting too long between cleanings when living in the desert. As you will see, the most common thing in our desert is what can cause permanent damage to your carpet fibers.


This picture comes from a home that routinely maintains their carpet throughout the majority of the home. This room that is pictured was considered a spare room used for mostly storage and had thus been neglected. When it came time for a little clutter removal, the room was fully emptied. This showed our client just how bad the carpet had gotten. Through years of walking in and out to simply open the blinds and leave, a fairly heavy traffic area had developed. When the homeowner realized her need of our North Phoenix carpet cleaning services, she called us right away.

Beforenorth_phoenix_carpet_cleaningWith even just a few months of training, most carpet cleaning technicians can tell that some major damage has occurred in the walkway. Fiber damage caused by the cutting and twisting of the carpet fiber has caused a ‘blossoming’ affect. On the edge by the tile, you can see just how distorted the pile of the carpet is. That is not reversible through cleaning, and our client was made aware as much. We are capable of removing all the soil from the carpet, but we cannot re twist fibers or unscratch the traffic areas.

Another concern is the white spot to the top left. Caused by use of over the counter carpet cleaning solutions, or, even worse, laundry detergent. There is simply no way of knowing if the white is the ‘clean’ carpet appearence, or if color damage has been done.

Duringnorth_phoenix_carpet_cleaningDuring the cleaning process we gain more information on how bad the damage truly is. At the time of this photo, we had already sprayed a preconditioner onto the carpet and worked it in with our gentle agitation tool. You can see that we had already cleaned a little more than half the room and only had a path from the filing cabinet to the exit left. While the gray of the traffic area is still visible, we still have to fully rinse the pretreatment out of the carpet.


As you can see, the results are pretty impressive. The majority of the soiled appearance is removed and the only remaining issue is the traffic area. Unfortunately, this is the best it can ever look without some form of temporary dye modification. The remaining gray is caused by our Arizona dirt settling on the carpet fibers, then being walked on. This causes abrasion on the carpet fibers the creates deep scratches in the individual carpet strands. These scratches change how our eyes perceive the color that is reflecting as the scratched areas no longer reflect properly. In any case, this client was excited to not have to buy new carpet and was more than pleased with our North Phoenix carpet cleaning services.custom_fbfirst-icon-4first-icon-2