Office Chair Cleaning

Furniture in a commercial setting can take a beating. In a doctors office or a waiting room of a car dealership can be a very hazardous place for furniture fabric. That is why we at First Class Green Cleaning offer office chair cleaning to our clients at a very reasonable rate. You already have us in the office to help keep and maintain the carpets or hard surfaces appearance, for just a few dollars a chair, you can do the same ton the furniture. Save money on replacement cost by keeping things cleaned on a regular basis. Take the chiropractors office we took care of last weekend for example.

Office Chair Cleaning – How often?

Office Chair CleaningThe most frequently asked question for most cleaning professionals is simple. “How often should I clean it?” The truth is that it depends on how much use the piece gets and what kind of appearance you are trying to portray. There is some inherent differences in expected levels of cleanliness between a doctors office and a mechanics waiting area. If you are trying to put forth a clean and healthy image, you need to be cleaning more frequently. Check the chairs daily for spills, treat the problem spots with a spotter (we provide one to you with a cleaning for free).  If the overall soiling is getting a little too much for a spotter, then would be the time to call the professionals.

If you regularly maintain your office flooring using a professional firm, this would be who you ask first. Unfortunately, many floor cleaning companies are fearful of cleaning fabrics or simply do not care to. If you have one of these companies servicing your floors, it may be wise to find a firm willing to handle all of your cleaning needs. A good firm will simply incorporate the office chair cleaning into the next scheduled cleaning of the flooring, saving an extra trip, which saves you money.

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