Today we will take a look at a handmade carpet our pick up and delivery crew brought in for an oriental rug washing service. The problem was not with the way the rug was originally constructed but something that was done after. Take a close look at the top image. Does anything jump out to you? Any colors seem odd or unusual? Lets look a little closer with some other images.

First Observations

Let’s take a closer look

Let’s look at the rug foundation and backing

Lets test for dye stability

Upon further inquiry with the client, there was no history of a rug dye job being done since she had owned the carpet, and this was the first cleaning it had ever seen. We informed the client that while cleaning the rug was possible, we had no control over how much dye would be lost during the process. We can control the bleeding so that further damage to other colors does not occur, but how much comes out and how evenly or unevenly is not something we can control, nor predict.