Paradise Valley Carpet Repair

Today we are going to look at some pictures from a recent Paradise Valley Carpet Repair job we were called out to do. In this case, the cable man had installed her cabling to enter from the closet and travel into the room above the carpet. Our client was very unhappy with the overall appearance this brought and wanted us to hide the cabling under the carpeting. Look below to see the before and after pictures from this Paradise Valley carpet repair…



paradise_valley_carpet_repairparadise_valley_carpet_repairparadise_valley_carpet_repairImportant points of the Process

One thing to keep in mind, this is not a process i would recommend the amateur DIY’er to try without some practice. If the cable is placed in the wrong spot, it can damage the carpet, cause an unsightly hump, or be damaged by the tack that holds the carpet in place.