Peoria Carpet Cleaning

Any kind of oil can be a problem when it comes into contact with carpet. Just like any type of spot or spill, compounding the problem by repeatedly dripping or spilling can make it a much bigger problem. Take this Peoria carpet cleaning job as an example. This client has frequent massages performed in this small guest bedroom. The massage oil tends to drip onto the carpet on occasion. These drippings are then walked over and smeared deeper into the carpet fibers. This happens in this home multiple times a week. Now imagine this being added up until it is cleaned professional in six months. That is quite a heavy load of oil we have to deal with.

Peoria Carpet Cleaning – BeforePeoria Carpet CleaningPeoria Carpet Cleaning

You can see here where the main tracking pattern of the masseuse is. The ‘clean’ spot is where the table generally sits. In cases like this, our techs know that full removal is going to be difficult. So what our guys do in such a case is to spray the cleaning agent onto the carpet and agitate it fully (seen on the right). Because of the heavy load of soil, it is anticipated that our prespray could not fully overcome the soil stuck to the fibers. Another application of the product is sprayed and scrubbed to fully release the oil from the carpet (below)Peoria Carpet Cleaning

Peoria Carpet Cleaning – After

Peoria Carpet CleaningAfter the proper amount product application and agitation, we allow the prespray to dwell. This allows the oil time to fully liquefy and separate from the carpet fiber. Once the oil has been broken down back into a liquid state it is ready for rinsing. Our hot water extraction method will fully flush all of the loose oil from the carpet. We use softened water which leaves the carpet soft and fluffy once it is dries.

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