In our post today, we will go over some pictures from a North Peoria Carpet Cleaning service. The images you will see actually came from the smallest piece of carpet in the home. Believe it or not, the client never intended to have this piece cleaned, yet it needed it most of all the carpet in the home! Read on to see how our technician manage to clean more dirty carpet and not charge anymore money.

Peoria Carpet Cleaning – A Rug In Need

First, it should be understood that we at First Class Green Cleaning have a minimum charge to come out and perform any cleaning service. This client had just moved in and installed brand new carpet four months before. Her carpets were showing no more than just a few light walkways in the highest used areas. Unfortunately her puppy dog had been sick, all over the carpet. This client was still under our minimum cleaning the spots as well as the high traffic areas. This is when our technician spotted a synthetic carpet in the family room. Covered in dog beds and sheets, he saw one spill spot. Removing the dog beds revealed a rug in desperate need. As a bonus, this small bit of carpet brought our client up to the minimum charge. She was now paying just as much as she would have without the rug, but she will now have a clean place for the dogs to lay.

Peoria Carpet Cleaning – Cleaning Process

Here we see just how much our pretreat process can help a carpet look better. The major spots have been taken care of, as well as most of the traffic. And all that has been done at this point is a little prespray followed by a counter rotating brush agitation. Many dry cleaning companies would stop here, but we know that this carpet should look much better, and it will before we are finished with it.

Peoria Carpet Cleaning – In Need No Longer

Now that the rug has been rinsed and dried, our client can have a rug to be proud of. No longer needing to cover up the stains and spills with towels or dog beds. Although, I suspect the dog beds shall be put back as soon  as the rug is dry, which should be no longer than twelve hours. If you are interested in seeing the carpet cleaning tool in action, check out the video below, or click the posts title throughout and see it on YouTube!

Do you have a carpet with a few more stains than you care to admit. Are you using dog beds, rugs or, towels to cover your shame? If so, you might need a good Peoria Carpet Cleaning service to help lift your spirits! Call and schedule today! 602-996-6993