Peoria Tile Cleaning

For all the posts we have here about the soft surfaces in your home, sometimes it may seem we forget about the harder ones. Not today! Today, we will not overlook the flooring not installed ‘fuzzy side up’. We will take some time to talk about the lines of concrete called grout that will generally prompt a call for the professional cleaning. Today we look at a Peoria tile cleaning job we took care of last week that was in the same situation.

Peoria Tile Cleaning – Before

Peoria Tile CleaningTile cleaning is easy. You can do it yourself most of the time. A bucket of cleaner and a mop is how most of us would go about it. Use some of that bubbly stuff you can buy at the grocery store. You know the stuff, smells like flowers on steroids in a craft store. That’s good stuff there. Right?

The problem is, it is not so simple. You see, this soapy stuff is great at removing dirt from the tile. Problem is, when you do not have a proper method for extraction, that dirt will fall into your grout channels. This can make your grout the most lovely shade of black.

Another problem lies in the residue. This soap cleaner leaves a sticky residue on the tile. This will this dull the overall look of the floor, taking away its original luster. Not only that, your tiles will become grimy and soiled as they now attract the grit and soil from your shoes.

Peoria Tile Cleaning – After

Peoria Tile CleaningThe floor has now been cleaned and rinsed. The overall appearance of the tile has improved. Not seen in the picture is the shine that the tiles have regained. The film of residue that was there has been rinsed free and the floor is now safe enough to eat off of. Not that you should, it is a floor.

The other thing is the grout joints. In the first image, you can see how dark they made the floor look. Now that they are clean and free of soil, you can see the original color. You see that they blend into the coloring of the tile. Our client was very satisfied with the results and feels they have a new floor, but how can they keep it that way?

For our clients, we recommend they do their own Peoria tile cleaning regularly, but skip all the chemicals. Try dry sweeping the floor weekly. Mopping with clean hot water. Keep the mop rinsed clean or use a flat mop with replaceable microfiber heads. If a spot requires some form of cleaning agent, allow it to dry and neutralize the area with a mild vinegar water mix. This will remove any residue from the soap and leave the are treated truly clean.

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