Phoenix Carpet Cleaning

There are literally thousands of Phoenix carpet cleaning firms out there to choose from. When you find yourself in need, and you do not have a reliable source, how do you go about finding one. Some turn to the phone book, others to the internet. Many trust the referral of a friend or neighbor. No matter how you find one, let me help you know how to find a good one.

How to Start

First off, never try someone you see on TV or hear on the radio. My opinion is not that they are poor workers or bad people. It is simply that these commercials cost a good deal of money, and that has to be paid for somewhere. Often they will offer deals on their pricing, then try to drive up the ticket once they get into your home. This is known as “loss leader”. They are not making money with the ‘3 rooms for $120’ and fully expect their employees to get more once on site.


The previous cleaner thought nothing of the clients grass as he left his hot solution line to burn her grass


We were called in to clean a mattress the next day, this is the proper way to stretch the hot line

Another issue with the heavy advertisers is the loss of quality. Many of these places have good honest technicians who want to do the best job possible. The only problem is that these folks are drastically under trained. Some of them have not been training for more than a couple weeks before being put on their own. It blows my mind some of the guys I have had come under my training that boast previous experience during the hiring phase. “How did someone leave you alone with the title ‘professional carpet cleaner’?”, has been known to pass my lips on more than one occasion.

Personally, I prefer the referral of a trusted friend as your best source. And I do not mean just any friend, but that one friend you have that you know is extremely picky. The one that has to have everything placed just so, the one who will constantly set her dinnerware in the same position and replace the glass in the exact same spot when the waitress comes with a new drink. This particular person will generally not let just anyone into her home to clean the most private places of her house. This would be a good place to start.

…check back tomorrow as we will help you get through an interview to find out if the Phoenix carpet cleaning firm you discovered was a good one…