Phoenix Carpet Cleaning Protecting Your Home

One important aspect to the floor cleaning industry is a simple matter of removing tye maximum amount of soil. If you can accomplish this simple task, you will often be a hero. This is all some cleaners are concerned about. The only concern with this line of thinking is there us a lot of other things in the home to worry about. Today’s post, Phoenix Carpet Cleaning protecting your home, is mostly going to focus on how we use cool little $10 pieces of plastic to protect your walls and corners.

Phoenix Carpet Cleaning Protecting Your Home – Look at all the cornerguards!

Now, I love all of my carpet cleaning Phoenix clients, but I have a confession. As an eleven year cleaning veteran,  some of the things you people notice is infuriating. I can come in with the highest quality (read ‘most expensive’) tools and equipment. Spend hundreds of dollars decorating and polishing my vans. And you notice the $10 piece of plastic I use to protect your walls.

So, without further ado, lets take a look at the true star of my services, my orange corner guards.



Does your Phoenix carpet or furniture in your home or business looking a little rough? Do you want to worry if the company you hire are adding pinstripes to your walls or baseboards? If you want a safe, green cleaning performed by professionals who will take care of your home, call and schedule today! 602-996-6993


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