Phoenix Carpet Cleaning

Today, we will take some time to look at some before and after pictures of a Phoenix carpet cleaning job we were called out for. In this particular instance, the client had allowed the carpet to go far too long between regular cleanings and we were forced to flex our cleaning muscles to make some dramatic results happen.

The Entryphoenix_carpet_cleaning

This was the view looking towards the front door. The stunning difference you see by the door was caused by a protective mat that had been there for several years. Basically, that is what the carpet was supposed to look like. The heavy gray/black was caused by simple traffic from the outdoors. A large number of Arizonans do not realize just how damaging your shoes can be on your carpet. Most of the darkness was caused by outdoor grease from Arizona streets and parking lots coming into the house.

It is worth noting that this carpet had been in need for awhile. The problem is that dirty carpet can sneak up on us sometimes. In this instance, the client did not realize the level of damage done until the entry mat was removed.

During the Cleaningphoenix_carpet_cleaningphoenix_carpet_cleaning

We treated the entry first with the intentions of cleaning it last. This was done to allow our pre-treatment maximum time to work. In some cases, we choose to re-treat an area as the soil load is too heavy for the amount of product is applied. Keeping in mind, our product is odorless, soap free and rinses free with hot soft water, we do not have to worry as much about over application. In this case, however, our cleaning product did its job the first time.

phoenix_carpet_cleaningThe Final Result

Now we come to the entry for the final test of our cleaning strength. As you can see, we were able to restore the carpet to as close to new state as was humanly possible. For being a neglected 10 year old carpet, the results are sensational. Afterwards, our client was educated in the importance of routine cleaning and the dangers of Arizona blacktop on white carpet.