Phoenix Carpet Restoration

Today, we take a quick look at some images from a home in Phoenix that had some pretty heavily soiled carpet. In fact, the client was afraid they would need to replace it. We were happy to provide them with some First Class Phoenix carpet restoration which allowed them a few more years with their carpet.

Phoenix Carpet Restoration – Before the Cleaning

Phoenix Carpet RestorationPhoenix Carpet RestorationPhoenix Carpet Restoration







The carpet in this living room had been allowed to go a little too long between regular cleanings. Add in the fact that it was a rental property in a 55+ community, you have a lot of reasons for a heavy soil load. Before we go on to the after images, let’s go through a few of the reasons why this can mean extra soil brought into the home.

Phoenix Carpet Restoration – ‘Shuffling’

First, as we age, we tend to pick up our feet less and less. This ‘shuffle’ can cause extra abrasion to the fibers while also thoroughly cleaning the grease from the bottom of your shoes onto your carpet. While clean soles on your shoes is a good thing, cleaning them with your installed carpet is a terrible way to go about it.

Phoenix Carpet Restoration – Location, location, location

Second, if you have ever lived in or visited one of these communities, you may know about the parking situation. Often a homeowner does not have a true driveway in these communities, and if they do, space is severely limited. Studies have shown that it takes 11 to 15 steps to clean your feet from the outside dirts, greases and oils. If parking space is limited, often, you are quickly into your home walking on the carpet with greasy shoes.

Phoenix Carpet Restoration – Go-go vs. slow-go vs. no-go

Early in my career, I cleaned for a retirement community, and the maintenance manage said it best, “as we get older, you are going to be one of the three, a go-go, a slow-go, or a no-go”. The home of a go-go is generally very well maintained, as they do not spend a lot of time in the home. You can expect the most sever soiling in the sleep areas and dressing rooms. The home of a slow-go is pretty standard soiling. Regular maintenance cleaning will be required throughout most of the living areas. Guest bedrooms will be able to be left out and any formal rooms may not be used as frequently. A no-go is often going to gather a severe amount of soiling and wear in a few select areas. The rest of the house will be infrequently. As you can see by the large amount of wear in front of the chair, this home was inhabited by either a slow-go or a no-go.

Phoenix Carpet Restoration – After the cleaning

Phoenix Carpet RestorationPhoenix Carpet RestorationPhoenix Carpet Restoration