Phoenix Commercial Tile Cleaning


Culprit usually responsible for dirty grout

Tile in a residential setting can be difficult to keep looking beautiful if you clean it improperly. This problem is often magnified in Phoenix commercial tile cleaning situations. Often, this is due to poor or improper maintenance practices. A janitorial staff using the wrong cleaner, or an old dirty mop bucket, can lead to some terrible looking floors.


How often should your floor be cleaned

In most Phoenix commercial tile cleaning situations, a yearly cleaning will suffice. In some settings a more frequent cleaning may be needed. If your business is a manufacturing plant that creates a decent amount of grit and grime, your ceramic tile will need quarterly cleanings. If you have a business that sees a larger volume of traffic from blue collar workers such as landscapers or construction workers, quarterly cleanings would be important.

How can You keep your floors clean

In our beautiful valley of the sun, the trick to keeping your floors clean is how well you keep Arizona out of your facility. The oily streets, the dusty desert air, and the pesky allergens can wreak havoc on your facilities flooring. These tips are great to help save not only your tile floors, but all you flooring types.

Studies show that it can take 11 to 15 steps for our shoes to stop transferring the grease and oil from a parking lot. Having long entry mats go a long way to keeping your floors clean. Having them changed regularly is even more so. Keeping your parking lot cleaned regularly can also significantly improve your indoor environment.

What results can you expect

Let us help you keep your facility looking clean and beautiful by using our Phoenix commercial tile cleaning service. Or you can keep your floors looking fantastic year round by utilizing our floor maintenance program for a top notch appearance all the time.