Phoenix Furniture Cleaning

We at First Class Green Cleaning do not believe in high pressure sales or pushy technicians that try to force you to do more than what you want or need to have done. In this post, we will show you how a clients complaint about a few spots on some dining room chairs led to us helping her out and cleaning the whole set, leaving her with brand new looking chairs. Our Phoenix furniture cleaning service is sometimes over looked for our carpet cleaning service, but our technicians are just as highly trained to clean your delicate upholstered fabrics just as much as your carpet.

Phoenix Furniture Cleaning – Background

As our technician came into the home for our clients maintenance carpet cleaning, she pointed out a few large spots on one of her dining room chairs. She has a few toddlers and they had left quite a few spots and our technician showed the client that not one chair had been saved from the treacherous two year old’s poor eating habits. Beside that, this particular material does a fantastic job of getting dirty in such a way, that you will hardly notice just how soiled it is until it is cleaned. Our technician assured the client that he could not only remove the spots with a spotter (which he failed to take any pictures of, much to my chagrin), but he was confident the seats would look as good as new when he was finished.

Phoenix Furniture Cleaning – Proof through Pictures

Because our technician failed to take pictures of the supposed spots he removed prior to the cleaning of the chairs, we have developed the ‘pictures or it didn’t happen’ rule, so, it didn’t happen. Below, however, you can see what he did manage to take pictures of.Phoenix Furniture Cleaning

Phoenix Furniture CleaningPhoenix Furniture Cleaning

Do you know anyone that has a ‘treacherous’ two year old? Do you know anyone with a sweetheart angel toddler that happens to leave messes wherever they eat? If so, they could probably use our kid friendly and safe Phoenix furniture cleaning services. Have them call and schedule with us today! 602-996-6993

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