Phoenix High Rise Carpet Cleaning

Many carpet cleaning firms are tied down to only offering truck or van mounted cleaning machinery. This limits how far they can reach as their cleaning solutions and source of suction is tied to the parking lot. While we at First Class Green Cleaning agree that a quicker carpet cleaning job is done with a truck mounted unit, it is not the only way to effectively clean. We are more than capable to provide the same safe and effective cleaning through our Phoenix high rise carpet cleaning service.

Primary Differences

When you are a ground level home in the valley, a truck mounted unit does a fabulous job of cleaning your residential carpet. It has the capability for much more water removal which leads to a large amount of soil and water solution being removed from the home before they are all finished. This leads to a quick dry time and less of a disruption in the house. Speaking of disruptions, cleaning machines are loud and best left outside when you are able. Truck mounts are great for this, as they sit all the way out by your driveway, and only the hoses and cleaning tools need to come into the home.

In a Phoenix high rise carpet cleaning situation, a truck mount is simply not feasible. Often the closest a cleaner is allowed to park, ever so briefly, is by the building entrance. After the equipment has been off loaded, many buildings force vendors to park in distant garages for the duration of the cleaning. The only way to clean a luxury high rise is with a strong portable cleaning machine. While certain varieties have come a long way to close the gap between portable and truck mount, they still suffer weaker lift (suction) and limited retrieval space. The less lift generally means longer dry times. The lack of retrieval space means more time in the home cleaning as the machine will shut off frequently when it is full of dirty water and needs to be drained.

So, how is it then, with such limited abilities, are we able to provide such great results as below in Phoenix high rise carpet cleaning situations?


Heavy grease under a high use desk


After initial cleaning


Final result after second cleaning

Check back tomorrow and we will continue with some pictures from a Scottsdale High Rise carpet cleaning client we have done.