Phoenix Natural Stone Cleaning

Today we will take a quick glance at some images from a Phoenix Natural Stone Cleaning job our guys handled. The images are of some very heavily soiled travertine flooring that was desperate for a cleaning. Lets take a closer look at the pictures as well as a little more info below.

Phoenix Natural Stone Cleaning – Bathrooms

That’s right, this is the flooring from a bathroom. To make things worse, this is the outdoor bathroom on a busy golf course. So, to be heavily soiled only takes a rain storm, monsoon, or a few too many…shoes from the course. Another issue could be the maintenance. If the mop water is changed too infrequently, floors like this can happen.

If the floors in your office look three shades lighter than they should be, or if the stone in your bathroom floors are starting to stick to your clients shoes, maybe you should do something about it. That something could start with a phone call. A phone call to 602-996-6993 and ask about our Phoenix Natural Stone Cleaning service.