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Laundry rooms can take a real beating. All it takes is the detergents you use to wash your clothes accidentally spilling onto the tile floor and you have a huge residue issue. Add in pets or kids that some homes have and you have the combination for a disaster area. If you have one of these situations, fear not! First Class Green Cleaning has the very best Phoenix tile cleaning service that is safe and effective at cleaning even the worst disasters. Take a look at this laundry room we took care of for a family with all of the above factors (kids, pets, and soap spills)

Phoenix Tile Cleaning – Before

Phoenix Tile CleaningAs stated above, this client hit the trifecta when it comes to things that will get a floor dirty looking fast. They have kids running around. They have puppies that flat out go crazy whenever someone gets home. They have also admitted to the detergent spill in front of the washing machine. To make things worse, just out of frame to the right is the door to the garage. This becomes a huge problem when the primary entry point into the home intersects with the area most likely to carry residue on the floor.

You see, the soap spill leave a sticky residue that grabs all of that Arizona grease, dirt and oil right off the shoes. This soapy residue gets tracked deeper into the home as the entry becomes too soiled to transfer any more soils. Factor in the client trying to mop the floor to clean things up and all that happens is a massive spreading of soil. The cleaning solution liquefies all of that grease but the mop cannot pick it all up off the floor. So all the mess gets spread farther into the home!

Phoenix Tile Cleaning –

Phoenix Tile CleaningAs you can see, this was a relatively easy problem for us to correct. We have soap free and odor free products that start the breakdown of all that grease and soil. Now that the junk is all loose and no longer bonding with the floor, we simply need to extract. Using our powerful truck mounted cleaning machines, we can blast the soil away and suck it back to the van’s waste tank at the same time.

The recovery part of the process is the important part. If we were to simply spray a cleaner on and mop the floor, we would be doing no better than you can do. The $70,000 piece of equipment in your driveway is what rinses and pulls all of that dirty water from your home.

Once we are finished, the grout joints look sandy brown again, not the dark brown or black as before. The tiles show a brighter pink and our client is well pleased.


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