Red Stain Removal

Carpet gets placed in the strangest places sometimes. Many homes have carpet in the kitchen. Some have it in the bathrooms. While this is apparently ‘an Arizona thing’, we see it quite a lot. When it is not somewhere strange, we hear about all the strange things folks will carry over it. Bright colored drinks and greasy tools or equipment. Things that can cause some serious damage if they happen to drip or spill onto your carpet in the bedroom. Things that can cause you to need a red stain removal service. Thankfully, you have found First Class Green Cleaning, and we can do that.

Red Stain Removal – Before

Red Stain RemovalHere we have a client in Scottsdale that brought a glass of wine to bed. I see wine spilled or dropped onto living room carpets frequently enough to know that it probably should stay out of carpeted bedrooms. Let alone stay out of the hands of reclining husbands slowly fading into sleepy time after a long day of work. The piece of wood in the image is the top leg of the bed on the husbands side. Luckily, most of the stain was on the mattress and only ran down the leg of the bed and in between the night stand.

It did not matter that the spot was hardly noticeable. What did matter was that it was there, and our client wanted it to not be. Luckily, this person has well maintained carpet and reapplies the carpet protector with each cleaning. That carpet protector keeps the wine stain from penetrating deeply in the fiber. Much like wax on a car, we have much of the stain trapped in the coating and should be able to easily remove it with the right product.

Red Stain Removal – After

Red Stain RemovalAs we suspected, the stain came out with relative ease. I say relative because we did have to perform a heat transfer as it did not simply rinse free. A heat transfer requires the application of the product with the addition of heat to accelerate the chemical reaction. This chemical reaction causes the red stain to become clear so that our eyes can no longer see it. The good news is that the husband is off the hook and our client is very happy.

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