When we are called out to clean a piece of furniture for a client, we like to make sure we take the time identify common problem areas for the home. It’s important to note the importance of the last three words of that sentence. Every house is unique with various pollutants and soil sources. Take the picture above as a case in point. This home has a labrador that loves to rub against the edges of the sofa. Identifying areas such as this is key to removing stubborn furniture spots.

Removing Stubborn Furniture Spots – Before

Let us take a closer look at this picture we talked about above. This is the seat cushion to a living room style chair seen in the background. The corners of the cushion come out a bit further to make the chair look even when placed on the chair. This corner is where the black lab puppy dog loves to lean and rub as the owner sits watching television. As you can see, it has quite a bit grime compared the rest of the chair. This is from the oil in the dogs fur grabbing onto the material. Next we will take a look at how well it cleaned and talk about how we managed to do it.

Removing Stubborn Furniture Spots – After

We seem to have done a pretty good job at getting all the dog oil removed from this piece. When we start treating furniture that has heavy oil based soiling, we apply a lightly citrus based cleaner and soft cotton towels. The citrus loosens the bond the oil has to the fabric and the cotton towel is used to absorb the oil away from the fabric. Then we go through the standard cleaning process of applying our odorless preconditioner and rinse with hot, soft water. It has worked for this 10 year old piece for years, it will work for any piece you may have as well.