Rental carpet cleaning can be dreadful to those of us in the cleaning industry. You never know what you are going to get walking into a rental property. Often it is that uncertainty that is the worst while other times the carpet was terribly neglected. I do not mind cleaning these types of home as they will either be a challenge that I can show off here later or a job that is nothing to worry about. Today I plan on talking about what things concern me as a cleaner for rental homes.

Rental Carpet Cleaning – Property you Own

So you own a nice little rental property and now you just need to find that perfect renter. You may even think you have found the perfect candidate, maybe you even payed to have a background check and credit check done. This is all well and good but you should know that your property will not be well cared for.

More often than not, the rental homes I walk into seem to have forgotten about the invention of the vacuum cleaner. This is a problem for me as well as your carpet. You see, the Arizona desert is pretty harsh on carpet. And I have spoke on more than enough occasions about how Important it is to vacuum said dirt out. If you are looking to need new carpet quick, neglect to vacuum it on a regular basis. But you will not be able to get most tenants to do this enough. It is not their carpet, so why bother?

Rental Carpet Cleaning – Property you Rent

If you are renting a home from someone, simply read the top paragraph. Help out your landlord and vacuum your carpet. Sure it is not your carpet to worry about but if you plan on keeping your home beautiful for guests, this is a great idea. And if you plan on owning your own home someday, why not get in some good habits now.

Rental Carpet Cleaning