Residential Cleaning

Expect top quality care

Making a home look beautiful costs a lot of money. From the pieces you sit on to the flooring you walk across, the cost can add up. To keep this money from going down the drain, proper maintenance is key. Your fabric or flooring can last twice as long if you keep it regularly cleaned. Not doing so can lead to a shorter life expectancy for the product followed by early replacement costs. We at First Class Green Cleaning do not like to see money wasted, so we strive to help you out. You can trust us to safely maintain your homes decor and flooring. As a bonus our green cleaning solutions are safe to be around and will work to extend the life of your expensive carpet, rugs, furniture, tile, or stone flooring. Cleaning green means we can help you protect the air quality of your home while we clean the products inside. That’s why we offer a wide variety of residential cleaning Phoenix Scottsdale services to our clients. You can expect top quality care when we come to your home. Our technicians are trained to the highest of standards. Our process will ensure all manufacture warranty requirements are met so that your warranties are maintained for the life of the product.