Rug Fringe Cleaning

The tassels at the ends of your hand made rug can be quite a pain to keep neat and tidy. Many folks want to just cut them off and move on with life. Hopefully, you have the sense to know that these accent the rugs beauty and removal greatly devalues the rug. Do not fret if they are beginning to look a little dirty. Have a professional rug fringe cleaning performed by a professional rug washing firm.

Today, we will look at why it is important to have a handmade rug fringe cleaned in a plant by a professional firm. The rug in the following images had been cleaned in home by an ignorant cleaner. He had damaged the fringe by either using to strong of a chemical or allowing it to remain wet for too long.

Rug Fringe CleaningRug Fringe CleaningRug Fringe Cleaning

First, lets make sure an ignorant cleaner does not damage your handmade rug by informing you.

Fringe is an extension of the fundamental construction of the rug. Cutting off or damaging the fringe has the same affect to the value of the rug as slicing it in half would.

Fringe is usually cotton based, which is water, heat, and chemical sensitive. Too much of any of these will turn it brown.

Rug Fringe CleaningRug Fringe CleaningRug Fringe Cleaning

Here you can see just how much our rug fringe cleaning brightened the rug. The chemical damage has been removed and the rug now looks bright and glorious again.

Are your rugs tassels starting to look a little dirty? Did the once used to be a pristine white? Do they now look like a tangled mess that needs to be combed out and washed? If your fringe or tassels are starting to look like this, call and schedule a rug fringe cleaning today! 602-996-6993


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