Rug Pad Production

 How it starts

The beginning of the rug pad production process goes something like this, a client calls looking to make a rug pad purchase. We then get an exact measurement of the rug. We do not measure the fringe, as the fringe does not require any padding. We then plan to make the pad 1.5 inches smaller than the rug on all sides. This is important, as it will limit tripping hazards by giving a gentle incline instead of a dramatic difference in height from the bare floor. A second reason for making the pad this way is so that it is easier for you to keep the pad from popping out and being seen. A good pad will help preserve your area rug, yet never be known. Seeing a rug pad is not really a fashionable choice.

Cutting From the Roll

We order only the top quality pad, and it comes in a very large roll. When a pad is ordered, we roll out as much as is needed and cut it from the roll.rug_pad_production

Once we have cut off what we need, we then are able to mark off the exact dimensions that the pad will be.rug_pad_production


Using a straight edge, we simply match up the properrug_pad_production points and cut it with a razor blade.

Caution is important, as the razor blade is extremely sharp. Notice how Corey’s hand is behind the path of the blade.

Once all the points have been cut, the piece is finished. All that is left is for us to roll up the pad and bag it for pick up or delivery. This particular order was made late Friday, and ready for pick up Saturday morning.

Remember trug_pad_productionhat our rug pads are made to fit properly under your rug, no cutting or scissors required on your end. You simply tell us the size and we will make a pad for you that fits.