Rug Pads Scottsdale

With the popularity of hard flooring, we are seeing an increase in the number of area rugs in Valley homes. These are fantastic, and, as you should know, we love to give them the TLC they need to stay beautiful for years. Our washing process is fantastic for the longevity of your rug, but a good maintenance program is vital on your end. A good vacuum regiment, as well as regularly rotating the piece for even wear. An often overlooked part is the proper use of Rug Pads Scottsdale.

What is a Rug Pad


Natural Horse Hair Pad

Quite simply, a rug pad is something placed under an area rug. It can be made from many different things and be used for many different reasons. Many pads are made from the exact same foam padding used under installed carpeting, some are made from rubber and have a waffle design, others are made from a combination of recycled carpet and new rubber, the older pads are made of horse hair.

Why do I need a Rug Pad

Regardless of what the rug pad is made of, you need to be sure it is useful and functional. There are a several reasons why you would find yourself in need of a rug pad, here are a few.

Sliding Rug


Rubber Waffle Pad

Many rugs will have an issue of sliding around on a tile or stone floor. A rubber waffle pad can help prevent this, but the recycled carpet with a rubber back will also. The foam padding that is installed under your carpeting offers no slip resistance.



Foam Pad

A medium pile rug will not offer much in the way of cushioning a well used room. A Foam padding will do an decent job as it can be very thick. The issue of tripping or appearance concerns can be an issue as a foam pad tends to be thick, but not very dense. The pad mad from recycled carpet with rubber backing is very dense and thick enough to offer comfort, while still allowing the rug to lay with a natural appearance. The thin rubber waffle pads found in large home improvement stores do not really add any level of comfort.

Floor Protection


Recycled Carpet top, Rubber Back

Keeping the safety and longevity of your wood or stone flooring in mind is important when deciding to get a rug pad. If you have a tile flooring, your concern should be minimal as most rugs will need protection from the tile more than the tile needs protecting (more on that in a minute). Some rugs do have a rough backing that can cause abrasion on your stone or wood floor. This is a bad thing as abrasion will remove the shine from a polished stone or scratch up a wood flooring. The recycled carpet with a rubber back will prevent this easily, as will a foam padding.

Rug Preservation

The final reason we are going to touch on is the most important, rug preservation. If your rug is laying on a hard surface, the face fibers (the part of the rug that gives it color and design) are subject to a lot of damage. Seeing as they are made to be walked on, it is important to think about how much force we put down into the floor as we walk over the rug. If there is nothing under the rug to cushion the blow, the life of the rug is shortened exponentially. Having a good dense pad under the rug can add the needed comfort while serving a good functional use.