Rug Restoration Scottsdale

Handmade area rugs are beautiful accents to our home, but they do have some weaknesses. In this case, we lightly go over how a rug with color damage (known as dye migration) can be corrected.

A Rug In Need

Rug Restoration Scottsdale

This rug was part of a water damage claim, the dyes migrated, causing a ‘fuzzy’ look to the border design

This particular rug came to us from a home in Scottsdale. The monsoon season came and this rug was damaged along with a large part of the home when rainwater came flooding in. As you can see by the picture, the poor rug seems to be in pretty rough shape. The gray/black in the picture was more of a deep purple/blue in person, and you can see that the dye migrated even affecting a spot on the fringe. The insurance adjuster brought us this rug with a very well defined dollar amount within which we were to work.

Bathing Away The Stains

Rug Restoration Scottsdale

As the rug is flushed, the migrant dyes wash away.

During the washing process, we used special products which are designed to break the migrant dyes free from the fabric, while leaving the original color intact. The entire rug is flooded with this solutions and rinsed thoroughly. This is no easy task when you consider this, a wool rug can hold up to 70% of its weight in water, so the rug is nearly twice its original weight while we are flushing it.

Completed And Restored

Rug Restoration Scottsdale

This is the final result.

Once rinsed, we dry the rug, and detail accordingly. As you can see by the picture, the rug is massively improved. The stain on the fringe is gone and the border is much more defined. If you look closely, you will see some issues in need of further treatment. Unfortunately, our hands were tied by the claims adjuster and we were forced to stop at this point. The good news is, in the end, the client was happy and the value of the rug was restored to its pre-loss amount.

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