Rug washing Scottsdale Arizona

It is nice that we can put the rugs out in the bright sunlight to help dry them after a good wash or to aid in the removal of any odor.  Sometimes a clients rug will come to First Class Green Cleaning, with an odor of smoke, urine or musty mildew.  Through our extensive rug washing process and the hot Arizona sunlight we naturally remove any smells and brighten the rug. Take a look at this picture from a rug washing Scottsdale Arizona.

Rug Washing Scottsdale Arizona

When laying rug the the sunlight should be for only a few hours or less. Long exposure can fade or even damage the fiber of the rug. Most rugs can handle the sunlight a few hours. However, there are a few rug styles and fibers that cannot. Some silk rugs or Chinese construction can bleach out or fade.  When your rug is cleaned by a professional rug washing firm like First Class Green Cleaning, you can rest easy. We know which rugs can and cannot be washed and laid in the sun.


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