Often our cleaning technicians are asked if they can clean a loose lay area rug in the home while we are there cleaning another product in the house. Often the answer is maybe. The reason for this is because we like to know that your rug can be safely cleaned in your home. Rug washing Scottsdale is not just about spraying on a cleaner and sucking it away. If you truly want a clean rug, often you will need to submerse the rug in a full on washing process. The problem with doing something this extensive in the home is the severe lack of drying equipment leads to long dry times which will inevitably cause damage to the piece. Lets take a look at a few things we have in our facility that lead to a cleaner and softer area rug

Rug Washing Scottsdale – Grooming

While it is true that we have grooming equipment in our cleaning vans, using them properly is a different story. Most natural fibers have a direction that the fibers prefer to lay. Ignore this fact and your wool will dry looking shaded and damaged. In our cleaning facility, we have room for our guys to groom the fiber whichever direction it is designed to lay.
Another bonus to proper grooming techniques is faster dry times. Much like combing your hair after a shower, grooming a rug after washing will leave the fabric softer and allow it to dry faster.

Rug Washing Scottsdale – Hang Drying

Once the rugs have been fully extracted and properly groomed, they are hung to finish drying. Not all rugs are designed to handle this kind of drying due to the sheer weight of the wet fiber. Believe it or not, wool will absorb up to 70% of its weight in water. If a rug too heavy is hung, it can cause stretching damage. The rugs that are safe to hang will dry much faster with the extra air exposure. Our air movers are strategically placed to aid in the drying. Often times, rugs that would be wet for days will be fully dried in just one night.