Whether you have solid metal furniture, upholstered furniture with metal legs, or little metal buttons on the bottom of wooden legs, you run the risk of these pesky little stains. Even if your carpet never gets wet, you can still be the victim of a rust stain. Some furniture is so prone to rust that high humidity can cause it to rust, leaving this unsightly stain in your carpet or tile. Lucky for you, we are here to help with these and other annoying spots and stains and we have some experience removing them forever.

Rust Stain Removal on Carpet – Before

Here we see one of the metal button situations. The furniture piece was long gone before we arrived, but an educated guess as to the culprit causing the stain would have been a filing cabinet.

“Why is the whole square not a rust stain?”
Good question! This is because most filing cabinets are painted. The only exposed metal is the buttons or legs on the four corners of the piece. When the carpet gets wet or the air gets too humid, these will rust, while the painted metal is protected from doing the same.

“How do you remove it?”
Another fantastic question! We use a specialized spotter that is designed to chemically change the way our eyes see the stain. To be completely honest, we do not ‘remove’ the stain. We simply make it clear so your eyes can no longer see it.

Rust Stain Removal on Carpet – After

As you can clearly see, we have managed to fully ‘remove’ the rust stain from the carpet. Again, it is still there, just clear, so your eyes as well as my camera, cannot pick it up anymore.

If you find yourself the victim of these horrible stains, give us a call and we can help you as well!