As a cleaning professional, it is my job to know soil. Dirt, grease, grime, oil, urine, feces, vomit, its all a part of the job. Knowing what the source of the soiling is half the battle in removing it. Today, we look at something I know you have thought of regularly, what is the primary source of soiling in Scottsdale carpet cleaning.

Scottsdale Carpet Cleaning: Black Top

I know it has kept you up late many a nights. Trying to figure out just how your carpet gets so dirty so fast. Well, here is one of the more common culprits. Black top, whether it is a parking lot, drive way or just the road your kids play in, its black top. This black top is made with all kinds of wonderful greases and oils. All it takes is a few steps and your shoes become saturated with these oils. Take a guess at what happens when they meet your carpet? Clean shoes! Well, clean-er anyhow.
How You Can Fix This:
Prevention! Keep your shoes off the carpet. Shoes that walk outside should stay there. Try keeping a pair of slip on shoes by the door to switch into when you first get home. Covered feet are better than bare feet, so try to keep the natural oils in your feet off the carpet also with indoor shoes or stocking feet. If you fail to prevent this, just know that you will be seeing more of us on a regular basis.

Scottsdale Carpet Cleaning: Pets

Pets can do a tremendous amount of damage to your carpet. Bad dogs will put little brown or yellow mystery spots on your carpet (spoiler alert, its either feces or urine). Good dogs will bring in dirt and debris on their coat. Many really good dogs will have natural oils that can make carpets look absolutely ruined (looking at you, Labradors).
How You Can Fix This: 
Keep the animals off the carpet? That is really the only answer to keeping this from being any kind of an issue. Bad dogs need to be trained to not be bad dogs, but the oils, debris, and dander is unavoidable. One of the things we accept when owning pets.