Carpet Cleaning in Scottsdale Promenade can be a difficult thing. Like any shopping center, a ton of parking lot grease and oil makes its way into the carpet of the shops. Add on top of that all the soils each shop has inside it’s own facilities and you have a lovely combination for dirty carpet. Whether the place offer food to spill or tans to spray on, good Scottsdale Promenade carpet cleaning is a matter of knowing how to cause these soils to break free from the fibers on the floor.

Scottsdale Promenade Carpet Cleaning – Food Based Oils

When dealing with food based oils and soils, knowing what to use generally involves using the right type of pretreatment. In this case, a product designed with enzymes tends to work most effectively. This is because the enzymes will go to work by weakening the oils grab on the carpet. Add in some healthy agitation and maybe a little citrus based cleaner and your carpet should be ready for a thorough flush. Once rinsed free, your carpet should look like new again!

Scottsdale Promenade Carpet Cleaning – Spa Based Oils

These oils tend to be more complex as a spa will have many types of oils for different uses. You have the oils used for moisturizing the skin and even oils that carry color designed to add color to the skin. The video at Carpet Cleaning in Scottsdale Promenade is an example of a spray tan room that has caught quite a bit of the oils in the carpet. We attack a situation such as this with our general cleaning agents first. In the video, you see just how effective our general cleaning solutions can do as that is all we used. Once this has been completed, we know what spots need extra treatment and attack them accordingly. In an effort to stay clear of harsher solvents, we use much milder citrus based spotters to clean and release a vast majority of them.