Scottsdale Stain Removal

In the carpet cleaning industry, we commonly refer to blemishes easily removed through a standard cleaning process a ‘spot’. ‘Stain’ often refers to something much more difficult to remove. Some are not able to be removed at all regardless of what you throw at it. The biggest culprits leading you to need Scottsdale stain removal is often bright colored beverages or similarly bright frozen treats. The synthetic dyes contained in these products can be a nightmare to remove and generally can only be dealt with using the proper chemistry. The preferred process is known as a heat transfer.

Scottsdale Stain Removal – How a heat transfer works

Simply put, a heat transfer start with the application of the proper spotting agent, then heating to accelerate the reaction between all the little goodies contained in the spotter. If the heat transfer is successful, the stain will no longer be visible. In some cases the stain will still be noticeable.

When successful, the stain does not actually ‘go away’, it simply turns clear, so that you can see the proper color of the carpet underneath. This point is important. If the dye has fully penetrated the fabric, then nothing can be done to make the stain ‘go away’. This could be due to the age/type of carpet, lack of fabric protector, of the dye having been applied while hot.

Older carpet absorbs more readily, as does wool and other natural fibers. Newer carpets have a fabric protector applied shortly after they are constructed to resist this type of staining, if the carpet is poorly maintained or cleaned improperly, this coating can be removed leaving the carpet vulnerable to such staining. This is why it is important to have a professional reapply the fabric protector with your regular maintenance cleaning. When carpet is manufactured, it is often dyed using extremely hot dyes. Heat causes better penetration and can sometimes cut through fabric protector faster.

Scottsdale Stain Removal – How a heat transfer is performed

Scottsdale Stain RemovalSome companies use a steamer to apply the heat, while an iron and damp towel will work also. The red spot in the image was caused from the drip of a hummingbird feeder onto the white carpet. The dye used in most hummingbird liquids are similar to that used in red sports drinks and can be quite difficult to remove. The client was made aware of the risk of failure, but she chose to let us try. The one thing we had going for us was the fact that the spot was in the corner of the room. This is important, because it means them carpet still has a significant amount of fabric protection left as it has not been as abused as them major walkways were.

Scottsdale Stain Removal – Best case scenario

As you can see in the image below, we were able to fully remove the red color from the carpet. Again, we did not truly ‘remove’ the red, we simply made it clear.
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