Stain Removal is a vital part of any cleaning service. Believe it or not, it is a talent mastered through years of practice. You can go to the store and buy any number of stain removal systems or spotters. Many of these will cause more harm than good. Often they carry oxidizers or bleaches that can damage your fabric. What discoloration or stain they fail to remove is chemically burned into the material, a stain that you will own for the life of the piece.

Today, we will take a look at a stain removal service our guys handled in Phoenix. This client was careful of the stain and left it for us to remove. Not having to deal with any other chemical residue or damage makes it much easier for us to remove this type of stain.

Stain Removal – What you should do

When you have a spill, regardless of the cause or source, the number one thing to do is to blot up and dry the area. Remove as much of the spill as possible. After this has been completed, the next step is to call us. Often we can give recommendations of at home products that are safe to try yourself. Many of our recommendations will not fully remove the spill, but they can make it tolerable until we can make it out for your regular appointment. In the case of some spills, there is not much you can do without using chemicals that will do more harm then they are worth.

Stain Removal – What we can do

Luckily this client was wise and simply allowed us to treat and remove the stain. This type of spill is the type best left for us. The more you try to scrub it clean, the worse our chances of removing it become. In this instance, our client simply blotted the spill with paper towels, and called us. Believe it or not, we managed to get this name brand sports drink out with our normal cleaning process. No special chemicals or steams were required. We attribute this to the fact that this client never fails to have the stain guard applied during her regular cleanings.

Does the carpet or area rugs in your home show that you have toddlers living with you? Has your teenager left the glorious mark of sports drink on your floor? Are you using towels and rugs to cover spots and spills from the latte last week? If so, maybe it is time to call and schedule a First Class Green Cleaning Stain Removal service today! 602-996-6993