Stains can come in a wide array of shapes and colors. While a majority of them come from random spills or drops, that is not always the case. Sometimes stains can come from the strangest of places. Today we look at one of those strange cases. In today’s version of stain removal Scottsdale, we look at a case where our client decided it was time to change the handmade area rug that was on her family room carpet.

Stain Removal Scottsdale – Before

This rug was a beautiful black Persian with floral patterns. It had been laying in this little used room for years. When she pulled it up, she found the oddest black outline of where the rug had been. After she had tried to vacuum it out with no success, she called us.
When we arrived, we identified the source of the discoloration to be from the dye on the serging of the rug. Some dyes will dry transfer from one fabric to another. We call this process crocking. In a case such as this, the best thing to do is to attempt a strong vacuum over the affected area.

Stain Removal Scottsdale – Vacuum & Treat

To the left, you can see the results our vacuum had on the lines. Our suction is much stronger than our clients residential vacuum, so the results were expected to be better. If you look really close, you can still see the lines in the carpet. Time to treat with some stain remover.
To the right, you can see how it looks after we have applied our citrus cleaning product. This product is designed to lubricate the carpet fibers. This will cause the discoloration to release the from carpet fibers, allowing us to rinse them away freely.

Stain Removal Scottsdale – Final Product

As you can see here, we were able to get the stain removed, and our client is able to redecorate accordingly.