Sun City Carpet Cleaning

Is it just me, or is the weather starting to heat up and remind us that we live in the desert? The Sun is definitely reminding us who rules this valley. Speaking of the bright ball of heat in the sky, let us take a look at some before and after pictures from a recent Sun City carpet cleaning job.

sun_city_carpet_cleaningsun_city_carpet_cleaningCarpet is a very common floor covering out in Sun City. This is often due to the fact that it is a little more gentle on the joints and much softer in the case of a fall. The only problem with carpet in a setting such as this has more to do with how we age, and less to do with the carpet. You see, as we get older, we tend to pick up our feet less as we walk. This dragging motion can create some pretty significant traffic areas that require higher frequency cleanings. Our Sun City carpet cleaning service is aimed at keeping these carpets looking beautiful and fresh for years to come.

As you see in the top left picture, there is a pretty rough pivot point that turns under the desk. Pivot points are some of the worst areas in Sun City carpet cleaning. This is simply due to the grinding effect the soles of our shoes have on the carpet fiber as we twist the dirt and grit into the fiber. This causes permanent damage that cannot simply be cleaned away. To prevent this, some Sun City carpet cleaning and maintenance situations require more frequent vacuuming and cleanings.

The top right picture shows a Master bathroom vanity in the same Sun City carpet cleaning job. The faded rectangles are where loose lay area rugs are left to protect from minor spills. This can create expectation concerns in all cleaning situations. Most would believe that the color under the rugs is the expected color of ‘clean’. Unfortunately, this is not often the truth. The simple fact that you see heavily worn carpet being right next to never worn carpet should cause some doubt that we will be able to match it perfectly. Another point to consider, carpet can be suffocated. When this happens the carpet under the rug can actually brighten a few shades.

So, how did we do? See for yourself.

sun_city_carpet_cleaningsun_city_carpet_cleaningAs you can see, we managed some impressive results. This is not simply because of some spectacular effort on our part. There is more that goes into the story that I withheld earlier. This is a regular client of ours, and the carpet is well over ten years old. The main reason it cleans so well is because of the maintenance history. She has cleaned the traffic areas twice a year, and had us apply our carpet protection every year. This protection can do some wonderful things if applied properly and regularly.